Eastern Food Safety provides food safety consulting in developing HACCP plans, including the following areas:

HACCP Plan Development

The goal of the HACCP (Food safety) plan is for the managerial and foodhandler staff of the company to incorporate the recommended techniques into their operation on a daily basis, and maintain an effective food safety program, as required by Massachusetts State Dept. of Public Health and FDA Guidelines. It is recommended that the HACCP Plan be validated by the health authorities, and verified by management on a regular basis and updated upon any change in process. Also, it is the sole responsibility of management and staff to follow recommendations made by Eastern Food Safety, and it is not the responsibility of Eastern Food Safety to enforce their actions. Through regular self-inspections, the client can elevate their food safety practices to a higher level, ones which are compliant with the FDA Food Code, FDA 21 CFR, and the requirements of the Massachusetts Dept of Public Health for food manufacturers or food retailers.

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